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Northwood Of Pasco
Wesley Chapel, FL
Northwood Homeowners Association (HOA)

The Northwood Homeowner's Association (HOA) consists of an elected board of Northwood resident
homeowner volunteers.  HOA is managed by Greenacre Properties, Inc., and they are responsible for
the consistency of residential property aesthetics, as governed by the adopted by-laws. The services
provided are administrative, financial, architectural reviews, enforcement activities, legal, and
insurance provision.
Barrington of Northwood Homeowners Association (HOA)

Barrington of Northwood HOA provides landscaping services to residents in this area, and is managed by
Vanguard Management Group, LLC.

Property Manager: Terry Stubbs
Phone: (813) 955-5938
Barrington HOA Board of Directors
President Michael Sission
Vice President Karen Uhlig
Treasurer Frank Tilman
Secretary Nancy Irvine
Director Brenda Gonzalez
Northwood HOA Board of Directors
President Brian Munari
Vice-President Jennifer Armbruster
Secretary Lindsay Magee
Treasurer Eric DeGama
Director Karen Uhlig
Cindy Riner - Property Manager
4131 Gunn Highway, Tampa, FL 33618
Greenacre Properties, Inc.
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