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Wesley Chapel, FL

Nature's Beauty

Lakes and walkways throughout the neighborhood to enjoy nature!



Plagrounds for younger children, enourmous community pool, clubhouse, tennis court, and more, available to all residents!


Welcoming Neighborhoods

Something to say about neighborhoods here.


Pet of the Month
This is 'Luna' Hopf she is a new resident of Northwood. She is seven months old and lives in the Carlyle. Luna likes to trot and enjoys eating chicken. Her favorite place to have fun and play in the community is at Coral Springs in the Preserve. You might see her around trotting. She is friendly and likes children. Luna is very selective where she deposits her business! Luna is Northwood's Pet of the Month, be sure to include your pet for Northwood's pet of the month! Please go to our community HOA website to submit.
Donuts with Dads
Saturday, June 19th: Kids and fathers are invited to visit the Clubhouse to have a donut. 10am to noon. Send us your photo to feature in our slideshow!
"Let's Move Northwood"
"Let's Move Northwood"is a new program presented by your HOA. We would like to encourage our community to have a focus on your personal health by initiating a program to help our community get and stay fit.
July Birthday Blast
Andrew Wasielewski turns 51 in July! He plans on spending his birthday with his family at the beach in tropical Miami, Florida! Enjoying the great food of Miami, the sunrises and the warm beach!
Beautiful Home
Feature to be added SOON!
Volunteer of the month
Feature to be added SOON!

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